Zin Watch Ted Big

A super-smart safe watch that is a personal alarm, GPS tracking device, health sensor and on-trend smartwatch. For health. For happiness. For person. The 4G enabled TED Alert Watch.

It’s smart, it’s ultra-modern and it’s effective. This Safe Smart Watch is the next level of personal alarm. Featuring 4G connectivity that is available across 28 countries, it’s a tech-lovers dream. High design. High quality. High delivery.

Allowing you to be present and in the moment with instant life updates from work, home and your body. All the smartphone basics are covered and the built-in health sensor will elevate your personal health awareness by being able to monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure levels and your daily step count with a touch of a button.

Tucked away on the side of the watch, not easily visible to the naked eye, is the SOS button. Simply press the button and you are immediately connected to our monitoring centre. Total security no matter where you are. It is 24/7 peace of mind that you are never on your own.


Zin Watch Icon

1. Press the SOS button

Icon Call

2. Your tracker alerts our telecare centre

Icon GPS

3. Our operator identifies your location

Icon Help

4. Our operator will then send help


  • Stylish design with geo mesh strap

  • Built-in health monitor

  • Easy charge via a magnetic connector

  • Geofencing alert activation

  • Fall sensor


  • SOS Button
    Emergency SOS call

  • Water Resistant
    Washing hands, in the light rain,
    exposure to sweat

  • Built in GPS
    Ability to locate users inside
    and outside the home

  • Geofencing
    Triggers an alert when the user
    exists or enters an area

  • Fall Sensor
    Fall Detection Technology

  • Available in 28 Countries

  • Ted Alert App
    Simple to use, easy to navigate

Zin Watch Ted


Simple to use, easy to navigate, download the app to manage your device and get instant location information.


Moveable, portable solutions that allow you to roam, wander, commute, stroll, run or explore to your heart’s content.


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