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Lone Workers

The Health and Safety Executive states very clearly that lone workers ‘should not be put at more risk than other people’.

Furthermore, if you employ lone workers, the Executive insist that lone workers shouldn’t be at more of a risk than other employees that work for you. With over 8 million lone workers in the UK, that’s potentially a lot of risk if the proper precautions aren’t in place.

If you’re an employer, we’d recommend our products to help you meet the Executive’s health and safety standards as well as keep your lone workers safe!

Lone worker alarm

Like other vulnerable groups, lone workers are at a higher risk of accidents and emergencies. Without co-workers about them to assist in times of need, they must have a safety net or a lifeline alarm should an accident occur. That’s why we’d recommend our GPS tracker as the perfect solution.

It’s a fact that someone, somewhere has the duty of maintaining power lines, sewage plants, chimney stacks and other dangerous maintenance tasks. If you’re one of those people then to us, you’re at a high risk. Slips, trips, falls or worse – our GPS button is an essential part of day to day health and safety within business, keeping workers in contact with help should they ever need it.

Similarly, there’s plenty of lone workers who as part of their job role, are required to visit people’s properties. Think health workers, debt collectors, Government workers – the list could go on. Indeed some of those situations could potentially lead to aggression or even violence; our monitoring alarm is vital for the prevention of such scenarios.

Fall Detector

Fall Detector

With fall alarms built into our GPS tracker, help will be on its way should anything happen to one of your workers.

Wherever they are, our GPS will pinpoint their exact location and GSM technology will put them into contact with our 24-hour care line.

As the Health and Safety Executive states - it's your responsibility to know 'what is happening, including having systems in place to keep in touch.'

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Lone worker on scaffolding

Peace of mind…

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Fall Detector
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