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The Elderly

It’s often difficult to admit that we’re getting older, and that our body isn’t necessarily in the same condition it was when we were younger.

For example, how many times when someone suffers a fall is the standard response of ‘I’m Fine!’ used?

Tripping over something as a 20-year-old is a world away from tripping and having a fall when you’re older. Perhaps the only thing to be bruised as a 20-year-old would be your ego, however, the response of ‘I’m fine!’ tends to stay the same irrespective of age!

The sad fact is that the most significant cause of mortality in our industry is pride. That’s why we recommend you press your TED Alert button no matter how minor you may think your fall is. It’s far better to have someone check to see if everything is ok, rather than stoically continuing with life when there could be a problem.

GPS Tracker

GPS tracker

The GPS Tracker is a fantastic product that allows people to remain independent, preventing the worry of becoming a burden on family and friends for assistance. Many of our customers have remarked on just how much this product changes their perception of old age,

With a discreet design, this GPS tracker can either hang around your neck, fit nicely into a pocket or clipped to a belt. It doesn’t matter how you, your family member or friend choose to wear this product, what matters is that it is accessible at all times in case of emergency.

So whether you’re out doing a bit of shopping or playing golf with friends, our SOS GPS tracker can sit in your pocket ready for when you may need it.

At TED Alert, we want to ensure people can continue to do the things they’ve always been able to do, but most importantly, do them without fear.

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