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Firexo is a more environmentally-friendly easy to use ALL in one fire extinguishing solution, making it the perfect domestic fire extinguisher to protect both home, family and belongings.

Extinguish any type of fire with one extinguisher

Removes the uncertainty and confusion of which type of extinguisher to use on different types of fire.

Protect people and places

Speed of extinguishing reduces likelihood of injury, minimises unnecessary damage to property and most importantly helps save lives.

Eco safe and more environmentally friendly

Firexo is made of natural ingredients and unlike powder fire extinguishers, is safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Firexo also offers much easier clean-up than other types of extinguishers. After the trauma of a fire being extinguished, worrying about anyone being exposed to harmful chemicals is the last thing anyone wants. Using the wrong type of extinguisher on the wrong class of fire can have disastrous results. Firexo removes any confusion or worry about which home fire extinguisher to use on which type of fire..


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