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How often do you see stories on the news of adventures that have gone wrong? It’s a sad fact that accidents do happen even to those who are most prepared.

A sudden change in weather at the top of a mountain, a rogue wave, missed footing – anything can happen when you’re out and about enjoying what should be the great outdoors.

With the TED Alert GPS tracker, you can bring another level of preparedness to your adventure.

While we can’t affect the weather, our GPS tracker can determine if you can get help and if so, how quickly should the worst happen to you.

Location, location, location

Our GPS tracker uses two essential pieces of technology.

The first is the GPS. Since most adventures like to travel to remote places, off-grid and away from the hustle and bustle, this is essential in finding you wherever you are!

The second is GSM, which keeps you connected to our customer services 24/7.

To round it off we’ve also included a roaming sim. So, whether you’re in the Alps or half-way up Ben Nevis, our roaming sim will ensure you’re always connected no matter how remote you are. As long as there’s a signal to pick up on any network, we’ll be able to assist you. It’s in times of trouble when we most need human contact.

Weatherproof, geofencing capabilities, free SOS, roaming sim – our GPS Tracker has you covered for all adventures, great and small.

Contact us today if you feel that our GPS tracker would be a handy friend to have in a tight spot. We’d recommend it.

Peace of mind…

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Our products are simple, innovative and liberating. Contact us today if you feel that TED Alert can help you or a loved one live independently.