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Vulnerable and housebound

With constant news stories about a creaking NHS and an overburdened private care sector, it’s a well-known fact that the UK has an ageing population.

As accurate as this is, our In-home Lifeline System by TED Alert can help alleviate some of the stresses and anxiety caused by external and often uncontrollable events such as falls, heart attacks and strokes.

This innovative lifeline system can provide anyone with the possibility of living at home, safe in the knowledge that at the simple touch of a button, help is always available.

Help when you need it most need

Recent statistics state that since 2016 ‘falls’ account for the most injury-related deaths in people over 75. If you live alone and you feel vulnerable, or you’re related to someone that is, we can provide a solution that brings peace of mind.

That’s why, as part of the In-home Lifeline System, we provide you or your loved one with an SOS button that can be kept about the person at al times. That way, should the user ever feel ill, there’s no need to move, it’s a push of the button and help is on hand.  Without this practical pendant, there’s every chance you or your loved one could be lying on the floor for hours.

Our In-home Lifeline Systems and SOS button offer a subconscious safety net for our customers and feedback on these products has been hugely positive. At TED Alert, we believe it’s essential for the vulnerable to feel safe and secure.

Fall Detector

Fall Detector

We also provide a separate device to the In-home Lifeline system, which can be worn around a wrist. The Fall Detector is a little pendant that has a ‘fall detector’ built into it. Should the worst happen and the user suffer a 'fall', this fall detector will alert our Emergency Response Centre immediately.

It's small, discreet and definitely won't attract attention - ultimately it's designed to make you or your loved one feel safe.

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Peace of mind…

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Fall Detector
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Our products are simple, innovative and liberating. Contact us today if you feel that TED Alert can help you or a loved one live independently.