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Ted Alert App

Our TED app is a mobile extension of your Web Self Care Portal. Manage the well-being of your loved ones remotely from your phone or tablet anytime, any place.

It’s perfect if you’re sending George off on his first solo walk to late-night football club. With features that allow you to set up geofencing, you’ll receive notification when George arrives safely at his destination.

Our app has other amazing features too, such as the ability to manage medications and setting up reminders. It also allows you to set up the procedure to deal with an emergency should one occur.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to the GPS tracker, and it’s available on iPhone and Android.

Core features

  • Change the procedure to deal with an emergency, should you wish to be notified first
  • Identify the user location and defining geofencing
  • Manage medication and reminders
  • Program an agenda and remote questions
  • Control health indicators with automatic and manual readings
  • Configure and monitor the phone remotely

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