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In-Home Lifeline System


In-Home Lifeline System

Having a TED Alert In-Home Lifeline system will give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Our innovative system comprises of a base unit and a push-button pendant alarm, so that help is never far away.

Should you suffer a fall or begin to feel unwell, all you’d have to do is press the button on your care alarm pendant. Help will be on hand immediately as we connect you to our friendly customer services team, who will help you deal with the situation directly.

You can utilise the SOS pendant in several ways:

  • On a cord around your neck
  • Around your wrist like a watch
  • Keep it in your pocket.

As long as the button remains within reach, then it’s up to you how you wear it!

Best of all, our TED Alert In-home system can connect to multiple pendants – giving all users peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that we have your back!

Setting up

The unit itself is very straightforward to install and can be easily set up by the user or friends and family. However, dependant on the area, we can send out an engineer to install the unit for you.

Once you’ve signed up to this service, you’ll receive a start-up pack. However, here’s a few steps to give you an idea of the simplicity of getting set up and ready for independence:

  • Step one: Plug your In-home Lifeline System into an existing telephone socket.
  • Step two: Plug your telephone into the unit with the adapter provided.
  • Step three: Plug your lifeline system into a power socket.
  • Step four: To test the unit, you’ll need to press the red button.
  • Step five: Our test team will be aware that this is a test and respond accordingly over the loudspeaker. They will take you through the test sequence and let you know when everything is set up.

Once you’ve been signed off by our customer service team, you’ll need to make sure you test your In-home Lifeline System once a month.


  • Large illuminated alarm call button
  • Up to 32 telecare devices can be connected
  • Can be programmed using an on-board keypad
  • Loudspeaker features high-quality digital speech
  • Voice reassurance messages
  • Front panel status lights
  • Integrated backup battery in the event of a power outage
  • Horizontal, vertical and wall-mounted installation options
Two-Way Loudspeaker and Microphone Reach System

Two-Way Loudspeaker and Microphone Reach System

When you press the panic button on your pendant, one of our telecare operators will speak to you over the two-way loudspeaker. If you’re unable to hear us from your location within your property, you can turn the loudspeaker up remotely. The in-built microphone allows you to speak to us even if you can't get to the base unit itself.

Pendant Alarm

Pendant Alarm

With its sleek and discreet design, you can wear our portable personal alarm in a variety of ways. Its unique and modern look helps eliminate the 'red button stigma' present on multiple other systems on the market.

Fall Detector

Fall Detector

Our wrist-worn fall detector notifies our Emergency Response Centre if it should sense a falling motion. We’re available 24/7 should you ever experience a fall in your home.

Key Safe

Key Safe

This secure, discreet and fully weatherproof key safe allows you to store your keys safely. Secured with a four-digit combination, it will enable paramedics access to your property at all times, as well as family members, carers or those you trust.

Monitoring Process

1. You press the button
2. Your system calls our telecare centre
3. Our operator checks your details
4. Our operator sends help

When the button is pressed, an experienced operator will speak to you via the loudspeaker, check how you are and assess the situation. They will then contact one of your nominated persons or the emergency services if appropriate.

Prices start at 59p per day…