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GPS Tracker


GPS Tracker

Did you know that there are around 8 million lone workers in the UK? That’s a lot of vulnerable people. However, we have the perfect solution.

Introducing the TED Alert GPS tracker

If you’re one of the 8 million lone workers, this is the perfect companion for you. Discreet, long-lasting and waterproof, this tracker can be worn around the neck, clipped to a belt or carried in a pocket.

How does it work?

Well, it deploys two crucial pieces of technology.

  • Global Positioning System or GPS as it’s more commonly known. We all know the merits of this technology after years of using it to find our way to far-flung places. However, the GPS in your tracker allows our Emergency Response Unit to see your exact location.
  • Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM). This unique technology connects you with our 24/7 assistance at our accredited UK-based customer services.

As well as GPS and GSM, perhaps the most distinguishing feature of our GPS tracker is the fact that it works in hard to reach rural areas via a roaming sim. So, if you’ve gone on a solo trip to John O’Groats and taken a wrong turn somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, should you have our tracker about your person, we’ll have a better chance of finding you!

Who can use this?

Well anyone really but if we’re specific, it’s ideal for with these groups of people:

  • Lone workers
  • The elderly, vulnerable and housebound
  • Adventurists
  • Parents and children
SOS Button

SOS Button

Our tracker boasts an SOS button for moments of emergency, with 24-hour assistance from our customer services.

GPS Location

GPS Location

The tracker in your device will locate your exact location whether you’re on the road or in the middle of a field. Wherever you are, our 24/7 assistance can get you help.

Roaming SIM

Roaming SIM

The roaming SIM is a crucial feature. Your GPS tracker runs on a linear network that switches between all major networks, ensuring that your tracker always has maximum GPS capabilities.



Come rain or shine this device doesn't mind...

Two-Way Voice

Two-way Voice

Our GPS tracker offers a clear and audible two-way conversation with our customer service team.



With versatile GPS functionality, you can add 'geofencing' zones which will trigger an alarm if the owner of the tracker enters or strays from a pre-specified area.

28 Countries

Constant Contact

Our GPS tracker works in over 28 countries outside of the UK. You'll have 24/7 contact with our UK-based Emergency Response Centre.


GPS Manual

Click here to view step by step instructions on how to operate your tracker.

Monitoring Process

1. You press the button
2. Your tracker alerts our telecare centre
3. Our operator identifies your location
4. Our operator sends help

When the button is pressed, an experienced operator will speak to you via the loudspeaker, check how you are and assess the situation. They will then contact one of your nominated persons or the emergency services if appropriate.